Dispensing case study

Dispensing case study – Mystery of the missing 2mm

A dispenser who had been working in optics for seven years for an optometrist, had completed the Certificate IV qualification in Optical Dispensing and had recently begun working for Specsavers. They were very enthusiastic and highly fastidious when conducting any dispense.They had recently begun using the Virtual Dispensing Tool Box-Measurement (VDTM) tool, having been used to acquiring measurements using a mixture of pupilometers, gauges and other tools. They were confident with the OCs acquired through the VDTM, however there was concern that they regularly encountered a difference of approximately 2mm when measuring heights using the VDTM. This led them to regularly double-check the measurements using the measuring gauge and, as there had recently been a remake attributable to this, there were now concerns over the accuracy of the VDTM.