Shouldve gone to Specsavers TV ad -French plumber Still03

He should’ve gone to…

Specsavers’ latest TV commercial has seen its in-house creative agency reunite with the director of the ‘angry Chef’ TV ad featuring Gordon Ramsay.

Promoting a new online appointment booking system for eye tests and breaking during the inaugural episode of The Voice on ITV on Saturday 7 January, the ad is a hark back to the French look of films like Jean de Florette. Set in an archetypally French chateaux, it portrays a visually-impaired plumber being sent to the cellar to drain a suspect boiler, with hilariously disastrous consequences.

The TV ad also marks a return to more cinematic-style Specsavers commercials, in the vein of 2008’s Colliewobble, the sheepdog sheering gaffe.

Specsavers’ Creative Director, Graham Daldry, comments: ‘Because last January’s blockbuster, Fawlty Car, became Adwatch’s second best-liked TV commercial of 2016, it’s a tough act to follow. Now in its 15th year, it’s clear the Should’ve line has well and truly stood the test of time.’

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