Louise and her hearing dog in Specsavers Kidderminster

PPE change for patient with hearing loss

Louise Bagnall, who is hearing impaired and relies on her eyes more than most, was shocked to find out a pain in her eye was being caused by a piece of plastic which had become embedded in her cornea. 

Louise made an appointment with her local optician in Kidderminster after experiencing eye pain and has praised their service: ‘I can’t express how wonderful the staff were. Now that more and more people are having to wear masks, it prevents my ability to lip read and makes it very difficult to communicate. Jonathon swapped his mask for a visor so I could understand what he was saying to me.’ All Specsavers stores are provided with perspex screens, visors, masks, disposable aprons and gloves, disinfecting wipes and sanitiser. They have they additional option to order supplies of goggles.   

The 54-year-old patient had no idea the visit would help to uncover an alarming foreign body lodged in the front of her eyeball. ‘I was very concerned as my eyes are also my ears,’ says Louise, ‘I’d already popped to the chemist to buy some eye drops, but these didn’t help the pain so I then went to Specsavers.’

Optometrist Jonathan Lee, performed an eye examination and found a piece of plastic had entered Louise’s eye and tucked itself into her cornea.

Louise told him how she had recently been fixing her hoover when a piece of plastic shattered in front of her face. She hadn’t realised at the time that a shard of the plastic had made its way into her eye, but said she started to experience irritation and sensitivity to bright light shortly afterwards.

Realising how serious the situation was, Jonathan immediately referred Louise to Birmingham Medical Eye Centre (BMEC) by calling ahead.

Louise said: ‘At BMEC, I was seen by a specialist who administered drops to numb my eye before using tweezers to remove the fragment, which was thought to be a piece of plastic.

The next day, Louise visited Specsavers again for reassurance.

‘I was also prescribed ointment to use for a week to help the healing process.”

Jonathan added: ‘Everyone in our store is pleased to hear that Louise is no longer experiencing any discomfort in her eye.’

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