Optometry and dispensing career paths revamped for 2018

Specsavers’ career paths for optical practitioners have been updated, offering a comprehensive guide to the professional training and development available with Specsavers and beyond.

The guides cover optometry and dispensing/contact lens career paths for UK and Ireland and include guidance for partners on how to help professional staff identify and achieve their development goals.

Career path nexus

How the career paths are depicted has changed – from a linear progression to a circular one, known as a ‘nexus’ – which shows suggested career options in a series of three concentric circles, from initial training (e.g. pre-reg optometrist or Cert 3, Cert 4, TDO/TCLO) at the centre, through to ‘Year 1-2 post-reg’ and ‘Rest of career’.

The circular model better represents the breadth of opportunities that practitioners can pick from to suit their personal and professional aspirations, without assuming a prescribed linear progression or timeline.

As well as helping our own practitioners with their career development, it provides a great showcase to potential employees and the industry in general of the plethora of support for dispensing and optometric staff at Specsavers.

What’s covered?

The guides are broken down into the following areas, with further detail about each option, and training dates or updates for 2018.

  • Performance management training and tools for managers and partners
  • Core development
    (e.g. Excel, Ascend Higher, PAC/MiniPACs, ProFile magazine and in-store peer discussion)
  • Specialist development
    (e.g. enhanced optical services, advanced contact lens practice, additional qualifications)
  • Training support development
    (e.g. supervision of students, WOPEC/College of Optometrists assessor training, optometry or dispensing lead professional in-store)
  • Senior practitioner development
    (e.g. ILM certificates in leadership and management)
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Click on any of the images below to download a pdf of that career path. Or download from Connect (search ‘career paths’)

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