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Ophthalmic lenses – polarising lenses

Russell Peake, clinical head of glasses is passionate about polarising – and firmly believes that far more people should be benefiting from them. They are not just for skiers and sailors.

Currently around 3% of ophthalmic lens orders in the UK include polarising lenses.

Quite often, patients will not be aware of their options when it comes to sun protection and polarising lenses can be associated in their mind with only water sports and winter sports.

There are many reasons why polarising lenses might be the best sun lens option for your customer. Cyclists, drivers, walkers, tennis players, golfers, people who watch outdoor sport, people who fish, outdoor workers could all benefit from this product.

Polarising lenses can also offer relief to patients with underlying ocular conditions. Those with cataracts, AMD, uveitis, recurring conjunctivitis, corneal complaints and post ocular surgery patients – the list of people who can benefit from polarising lenses goes on.

As an optometrist, when asked about how polarising lenses work, I explain that the polarising filter cuts out horizontally reflected light, known as polarised light, much more effectively than standard sunglasses. Any glare off flat and shiny surfaces will be reduced making your eyes much more comfortable.

If customers really wanted to get into the technical detail about our lenses, as some of us do, I’d go on to say that polarising lens technology creates a vertical filter that completely blocks this polarised light, and that this polarising filter is a thin, optical film that contains dichroic molecules (iodine-quininesulphate crystals). The crystals are directionally aligned, by heating and uniaxially stretching the film to block polarised light/glare.

Recommending polarising lenses to your customers will give them much more than conventional sunglasses. The filtration of light gives greater visual comfort, improved colour perception and improved contrast Polarising lenses improve clarity and contrast, as well as reducing distracting, discomforting, disabling and blinding glare, making outdoor use more comfortable for the wearer.

Our polarising lenses are supplied with a Category 3 sun tint, so when our team dispense polarising lenses, they can be confident customers are receiving superb, 100% protection against UVA and UVB.

Using tablets to demonstrate polarising lens technology to customers can really bring the benefits to life. Alternatively, Specsavers uses a Polarising Demonstrator in most stores, which is another great way of introducing polarising lenses.

Finally, once a customer has experienced the benefits of polarised lenses for themselves, they tend to be loyal to the product. They won’t look back.

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