OCT scan detects internal bleeding

Peter Hoey, 46, from Newry, Northern Ireland received a lifesaving blood transfusion following a health complaint that he had ignored until he visited his optometrist.

Peter lives with a chronic illness which gives him regular stomach problems that he receives regular treatment for and manages his symptoms accordingly. However, when Peter started to feel an inflamed, gritty pain behind his eyes he promptly went to an optician as he had never had eye problems before.

Peter said: ‘Despite feeling regularly unwell, I never noticed any issues with my eyes. I had never been to an optician before and I have never worn glasses, but when my eyes started to feel sore, I thought I would call in to Specsavers to see if they could help me with my discomfort.’

Peter visited Specsavers in Newry for a full eye test with optometrist Alison Dunne. As soon as Alison started to examine his eyes, she noticed that something wasn’t as it should be and recommended that he was scanned using OCT. Alison detected a bleed at the back of his eye and referred him to Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry and within ten hours he was called in for an emergency blood transfusion.

Peter added: ‘I can’t believe how lucky I am to still be here. If I hadn’t gone to Specsavers, I would not be able to tell others that eyes can detect health issues that might go unnoticed such as internal bleeding.’

Alison said: ‘Peter made the right decision to come in swiftly to get his eyes checked because of feeling discomfort. We’re glad we detected his serious underlying health condition in time for it to be treated, he is very fortunate to be alive.’

Peter says he is now feeling a lot better and would like to thank the staff of Daisy Hill Hospital and Specsavers Newry for their care, expertise and assistance.

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