Man’s sight saved in just two hours by optometrist’s quick thinking

An Acomb man has had his sight saved as a result of an optometrist’s quick thinking and referring him to hospital.

Trevor Goodwill experienced a sudden painful haze over his eye one gloomy midweek afternoon. His last eye examination for his reading glasses was only three months before, so he said that he didn’t think much of it. It was only when his symptoms got progressively worse over the next two days that Trevor sought help.

Trevor’s detached retina was spotted and treated after Stephen McEnaney, optometrist and practice owner at  Specsavers in Acomb insisted on referring a customer to York hospital immediately.

Trevor comments: ‘By Friday, the haziness had progressively got worse and covered about three quarters of my vision. As it was 5pm on a Friday night, and I’d only been to Specsavers a couple months before, I went back to see the team to get checked out.’

‘When Stephen carried out the eye examination it was clear to him that my retina was three quarters detached. He was really concerned and immediately sent me across to York hospital to see a consultant. On seeing the doctor I was in theatre to re-attach my retina at 7.30pm that same evening.’

Following the successful operation, Trevor commented: ‘I’ve developed slight cataracts which might need treating in time but I’m having eye examinations every three months to monitor this. I’m also required to wear driving glasses now too.’

‘Although retinal detachments are quite rare, I’d strongly recommend people go for regular eye examinations, as you’re not only checking your sight but the health of your eye too. I’m so glad I went!’

Trevor concluded: ‘I’m extremely grateful to Stephen and the team at Specsavers Acomb for spotting that something was seriously wrong and secondly to the amazing surgeons and team at York Hospital who carried out the successful operation. If I’d have left visiting Specsavers any longer for an eye examination it could have been too late to treat successfully.’

Optometrist director, Stephen comments: ‘We pride ourselves on our customer care, so to be able to support Trevor and refer him to the hospital before it was too late is invaluable. It just goes to show how important it is to come in if you feel that something might be wrong.’

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