Kindness wins holidays

An optical assistant at Specsavers in Bellshill has been personally given an award from the company’s co-founder Dame Mary Perkins, after she went above and beyond for an elderly customer in poor health.

Claire Feeley received the prestigious Customer First award during her visit to Specsavers support office that was part of her award’s prize and was congratulated in person by Dame Mary for her commitment to excellent care and service.

During her first three months with the optical team last summer, Claire dispensed a pair of glasses for an elderly customer who wasn’t able to collect them from the store in person due to poor health.

Going out of her way to assist, Claire personally delivered the new glasses to the customer at her home, fitted the frames, spent time keeping her company and even helped to change her oxygen tank and bought some shopping for her.

Claire says: ‘When the customer came into the store, she was not in good health, she had leukaemia and was in an electric wheelchair with an oxygen tank. She had someone with her to help her, but she highlighted at the end of the dispense that she wouldn’t be able to easily get back into the store to pick them up.

‘I asked the store director Kirsteen if I could take her glasses to her and while I was there she also asked if I could change her oxygen tank because it was getting low. She talked me through it and I got that changed for her and I just spent a bit of time with her chatting and she really appreciated it.

‘Before Specsavers, I had never worked in optics but I had a lot of customer service experience. I think it’s very important to go the extra mile so ensuring the customer had the glasses she needed, spending time with her, just having a chat and making sure she had everything she needed, was vital to me.’

Following Claire’s act of kindness, she was immediately selected for the Customer First Award, also winning a trip to Rome and tickets to the Specsavers’ Spectacle Wearer of the Year awards next October.

Claire continues: ‘I was gobsmacked when I heard the news. I couldn’t believe I was being rewarded for something I do on a day-to-day basis, but it’s clear that it made a big difference to the customer.

‘It was lovely to meet Dame Mary and the whole thing has been a truly remarkable experience.’

Dame Mary Perkins, co-founder of Specsavers, says: ‘The Customer First Award is hugely important to Specsavers because we’re passionate about always putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

‘I was moved when I heard the lengths that Claire had gone to for this customer, especially as at the time she’d only been with the company for three months. She really went one step further for the customer. Our role is not just about providing glasses as Claire showed – she treated that person as though she was someone close to her.’

Kirsteen Newman, store director at Specsavers Bellshill says: ‘I’m very proud of Claire, as well as the whole team, who constantly put in their best efforts with customer care. It’s great to see Claire get such a fantastic reward for her hard work.’

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