1100 interactive CET points awarded in three days at 100% Optical

Optometrists, dispensing and contact lens opticians made a beeline for the Specsavers stand at 100% Optical over the weekend to find out more about career and partnership opportunities and to make the most of a world-class CET programme.

In total 1130 interactive CET points were earned by delegates who attended over the course of the weekend.

Many of the CET sessions – normally only available to Specsavers partners and colleagues – attracted three peer discussion points or specialist points. There were also contact lens-related peer discussion points on offer.

Paul Morris, Director of Optometry Advancement, who led several of the sessions, said: ‘It was fantastic to see the appetite from the profession for CET at 100% Optical.

‘The mix of interactive points between discussion workshops, lectures and quizzes brought practitioners of all ages and from all backgrounds to the stand, with many of them attending for more than one session and on different days.’

One optometrist attended every session on Saturday, several sessions on Sunday and returned to reserve a seat for his wife on Monday so that she could also take part in the programme.

Paul added: ‘We look forward to delivering an even better programme with even more points at Optrafair in Birmingham in April.’

The finishing touches are now being put to the Optrafair programme and the decision has already been taken to increase capacity for each session from 40 to 50.

Chris Steele, Consultant Optometrist from Sunderland Eye Infirmary, leads a peer discussion workshop on ‘Close encounters of the glaucoma kind’.

Kiki Soteri, Head of Enhanced Optical Services, advises delegates during the three-pointer quiz on ‘Exploring the standards’.

A lecture from Satvinder Singh Soomal, Head of Enhanced Optical Services, ‘Assessment and management options for keratoconic patients’.


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