Gary Barlow is the face of Osiris Eyewear

Gary Barlow has lent his sense of sartorial style to the latest collection of glasses from Osiris Eyewear.

Pictured in the familiar surroundings of a recording studio, Gary looks smart in a selection of the new glasses, which take inspiration from minimalist Nordic architecture – coupled with warm colour tones inspired by the Italian Riviera.

Gary, who started wearing glasses four years ago, says: ‘As someone who loves accessories – and glasses are the perfect accessory – working with Osiris is the ideal partnership.

‘I think there’s no difference between creating music and someone crafting a design, such as a pair of glasses. It’s all in the decisions that are made to bring something to life – the creativity and artistry are the same.

‘I like the fact the glasses are stylish but don’t rely on trends and each pair has a classic, timeless feel that really works with any look.

Priced from £99 for two pairs and available at Specsavers, Osiris Eyewear has been brought to life by a collection of European design houses, using the finest materials such as Italian acetate.

He continues: ‘The glasses are so well made, they’re also really comfortable, you hardly know you’re wearing them!’

The 38-strong range – plus six sunglasses – is designed for style-conscious men and women who appreciate great design and whose clothing choices are influenced by classic style, not fashion trends.

Gary adds: ‘The great thing about the collection is that it’s encouraged me to try new styles I wouldn’t usually go for. In fact, it’s been really hard for me to pick a favourite pair.

‘Knowing you look good and feel comfortable can be a real confidence boost.’

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