Easing the need for eye care prescriptions from GPs

People in Haverfordwest, Wales no longer need to visit their GP to get a prescription for eye medication, thanks to the upskilling of a local optometrist.

Andy Britton, one of the store directors at Specsavers Haverfordwest, is one of another in a series of elite Specsavers optometrists who have completed a postgraduate course in Independent Prescribing at Cardiff University’s School of Optometry and Vision Sciences.

This qualification now means Mr Britton can directly prescribe eye medication to patients, instead of them needing to visit their GP.

Commenting on his new qualification, Mr Britton says: ‘I am passionate about learning and developing my skills as much as possible to benefit those in my local community, and I felt that this was the next best step to providing enhanced optical care to our customers. Thanks to the qualification, I can deliver end-to-end care for more of my patients, while pushing the boundaries of my own abilities and slowly but surely the profession as a whole.’

According to the RNIB, there are 5,1901 people living with sight loss in Pembrokeshire alone, many of whom will now be able to take advantage of Mr Britton’s qualification and receive their prescriptions directly at the Bridge Street store.

Mr Britton adds: ‘Not only can I now better treat our customers, but I hope it will help ease the pressure on our local surgeries, which brings us a step closer to our goal of bringing optical health to the primary care sector.’

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