Customer service – the personal touch

As much as high clinical standards, efficient processing and record keeping are vital to best practice optometry, it’s also important to remember the personal touch. The human interaction that makes our customers feel not just cared for but cared about.

A perfect example of this kind of dedication to a customer’s wellbeing that is worth celebrating is the actions of Katie Bryson, a pre-reg optometrist at the Specsavers Sauchiehall Street store in Glasgow.

What happened was on a day when Katie was coming to the end of her shift. An older lady had been referred to the store by her GP, and came in with a suspected detached retina. The patient was already blind in one eye and her vision had dropped significantly due to the suspected detachment, so Katie calmly made an
emergency hospital referral for her.

It was a scary experience for the customer, made worse by the fact that her husband was travelling at the time so he couldn’t accompany her to the hospital. That being the case, and seeing the customer’s distress, Katie booked a taxi and accompanied the customer to the hospital, where she sat patiently with her for many hours until her husband arrived.

The lady came into the store the next day and gave her thanks to Katie for being so dedicated and giving up her personal time.

Store owner Arlene Stephenson said: ‘At this time of year, pre-reg optoms are studying very hard so for Katie to give up so much time to offer such a personal service is wonderful. I’d like to thank Katie for such commitment, and wish her and anyone else currently studying the best of
luck in their exams.’

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