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Covid vaccinator role for optometrist

An optometrist director with two practices in Kirkintilloch has undergone training to become a vaccinator in the fight against Covid-19.

Neil Drain, store director of the Specsavers in both towns, has started to help vaccinate locals at Kirkintilloch Sports Centre as well as at the NHS Louisa Jordan hospital in Glasgow.

He is volunteering to do one shift per week on top of his day job examining eyes at Specsavers.

Neil said: ‘When I saw the call out for volunteers to train up as vaccinators, I was really keen to do what I could to help with the swift roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines.

‘I knew my skills as a community health provider would help in the role of vaccinator.

“In the first lockdown last year, my team and I concentrated on helping lots of emergency cases of people who had problems with their eyes.

“We even treated a baby who had something stuck in their eye at the door of their family’s home as they were self-isolating at the time.

“As our doors have remained open for all routine eye health appointments during the current lockdown, I wanted to look at other ways I could help the community through the pandemic by becoming a vaccinator.”

Neil is part of a volunteer vaccination scheme to be developed to help speed up the roll-out of Covid jabs in the local community. 

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