Artist Nathan Wyburn puts eye health in the frame

A Welsh artist has unveiled his latest creation to raise awareness of the importance of good eye and ear health during the coronavirus lockdown.

Nathan Wyburn has created his latest piece out of hundreds of old glasses cases and frames, which were donated to him by the owner of Specsavers in Cwmbran, Mark Edwards.

The artwork – showcasing an ‘open for care’ sign on a window – pays tribute to opticians and audiologists who are continuing to provide urgent and essential care during the pandemic.

Mr Wyburn, 30, specialises in producing artwork using non-traditional mediums such as Marmite, chocolate, pizza and sweets right the way through to candles, toothpaste and even fake tan.  He rose to prominence in 2011 after creating a number of pop-art celebrity portraits.

He says: ‘It was an honour to be asked to do this project. I’ve used many weird and wonderful things to make art, but never spectacles, and a spectacle it was! It was great fun and of course an important message behind it. Throughout the pandemic I’ve been making various messages of thank you to frontline workers and it’s been brilliant to hopefully raise awareness of this too.’

Mark Edwards, director at Specsavers in Cwmbran, adds: ‘Nathan is one of Wales’ pioneering artists – and exactly who we need to help raise awareness of the importance of eye and hearing tests during these incredibly difficult times.

‘We want to get the message out there that while Specsavers is closed for routine appointments, we remain open to provide urgent and essential eye care, especially where the usual hospital services and NHS facilities are being prioritised for the fight against coronavirus. We are helping others in the community with any sight or hearing issues via phone or video calls. Nathan’s creative approach to artwork is helping us to communicate these key messages to the community.’

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