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In the spotlight – women in optics

12 April 2017

Optometry is a fantastic career for women, with its combination of clinical work and people contact, and the ability to work flexibly. But unconscious bias can still sometimes get in the way of their career | Learn more


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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 4

11 April 2017

New medical treatments for diabetic macular oedema (DMO) - explaining the clinical features of DMO and treatment options – from laser to antiVEGF and intravitreal steroids, discussing NICE guidance on treatment and explaining the findings of clinical trials. | more

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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 3

3 April 2017

Many community optometrists are involved in the screening of diabetic retinopathy whilst others are involved in the treatment and monitoring of diabetics following referral. Part 3 of 6 CET modules on diabetes. | more

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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 2

27 March 2017

Hospital optometrist Chris Steele, reminds eye care practitioners of the mechanisms by which diabetes can cause vascular disruption as well as the clinical features of diabetic retinopathy and how it is classified. | more

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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 1

20 March 2017

Discussing the epidemiology, classification, clinical presentation and management of diabetes mellitus types 1 & 2. It explains the general medical management options, thus giving the community optometrist a greater understanding and appreciation of this complex and increasingly prevalent health problem. | more

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CET – Vitreoretinal surgery

6 February 2017

Offering interactive CET points for dispensing opticians as well as optometrists, this three-part series explores the latest technologies and techniques for the surgical treatment of vitreoretinal disease, including indications for surgery, benefits and risks, potential complications and post-treatment lifestyle restrictions – all designed to help the community practitioner feel equipped to make appropriate management and referral decisions and offer patient advice when required. | Learn more


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JCB kids frames – truck-loads of fun

11 April 2017

Specsavers and JCB have launched a new range of frames, designed for children with a passion for diggers, in stores nationwide. The launch was retail theatre at its best with parenting bloggers, children, press and customers alike turning up to see a Manchester opticians turn into a JCB themed store for the day. | more

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Dispensing case study – Progressive lenses and isocylinder plots

16 March 2017

Various lens parameters will vastly impact the progressive lens design and so this should be considered when selecting a lens for the patient. The use of isocylinder plots can assist with this –however, the plots provided by manufacturers often show a plano prescription with a +2.00 addition and so are not a true representation of the lens. This case study shows the impact of the varying lens parameters and will allow you to assess whether the use of isocylinder plots during lens selection is the most effective tool. | more

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Contact lenses – from supplier to decision-maker

15 March 2017

Andrew Symons lives, breathes (and wears) contact lenses and – coming from Sauflon and CooperVision’s Professional Services team – he brings a wealth of experience to his new role as Specsavers senior contact lens portfolio manager. Find out what’s in store for his CL customers and what would be the one thing he’d like every contact lens optician to pledge this year. | more