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AOP Awards – nominations close 20 July

27 June 2018

With 14 different categories open for public nomination, plus the Lifetime Achievement Award, the awards celebrate outstanding talent and innovation in the profession, recognising exceptional contributions made by individuals and teams across the country. For | more

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Focus on retail: Cambridge

25 June 2018

Kam Dhillon, optometrist director in two Cambridge stores, told Spectrum why this vibrant university city is such a special place to work. ‘The ancient buildings, green spaces and the River Cam all combine to make | more

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CET – Colour vision – Part 1: the meaning of colour

30 May 2018

Patients with colour vision deficiencies will expect their eye care practitioners to be able to provide advice on both the cause and impact of their conditions. This article explains the physical and physiological basis of normal colour vision as well the congenital and acquired colour vision deficiencies which can occur. | more

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Thinking of becoming a dispensing optician? Read Nicola’s story

13 July 2018

Dispensing optician Nicola Stokoe stumbled into the world of optics but found she really liked the fashion and paediatric sides of dispensing best and tries all the frames on first to be able to advise customers how they will look on them, and reassuring parents who don’t wear glasses who need to find glasses for their child for the first time. | more

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Are smartphones Display Screen Equipment?

12 July 2018

Introduced in 1992 and amended in 2002, the DSE regulations do in fact include smartphones. For clarification, within the regulations ‘display screen equipment’ means any alphanumeric or graphic display screen, regardless of the display process | more

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Clinical photography – Ophthalmic parasitosis

11 July 2018

Ophthalmic parasitosis with tractional fibrosis extending from the lesion to the optic nerve, causing distortion of the epi-retinal layer. Inactive peripheral retinal focal lesions can also be seen in the inferior segment adjacent to the major arterial arcade. | more

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