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Claudio is top of the CLO class

16 November 2017

A trainee contact lens optician from Specsavers in Stratford-upon-Avon has come top of the class in a national examination scheme run by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO). Claudio Tarrantino (29), gained the highest | more

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CET – Adapting clinical practice to support patients with communication issues

14 November 2017

By Jo Watkins, Consultant Psychiatrist working within the NHS. She has a special interest in people with Charles Bonnet Syndrome and other visual phenomena associated with sight loss. The module will detail the impact of a range of mental health conditions in adults on communication needs, and understand appropriate ways to plan and adapt communication to optimise eyecare delivery for patients with dementia or autistic spectrum disorders..

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CET – An ageing population

23 October 2017

This 1 point CET module deals with the increased clinical skills, time, extra patience and modified communication techniques necessary for examining and dispensing to elderly patients | more

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CET – Complications of PVD

22 September 2017

With most patients experiencing a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) over the course of their life, it is something all optometrists are familiar with. Whilst the majority of PVDs are uncomplicated, some can result in secondary complications that can have a serious impact on vision. This article reviews the process of PVD, along with the associated secondary complications that can occur. | more


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Global trends in optometry – by Professor Harry Weisinger

15 November 2017

Melbourne-based Director of Professional Services Advancement, recently shared his insights into current global optometry trends with the attendees of the European Specsavers Clinical Conferences including the healthcare crunch, automation and the commoditisation of optical services and machine learning. | more