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CET – Complications of PVD

22 September 2017

With most patients experiencing a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) over the course of their life, it is something all optometrists are familiar with. Whilst the majority of PVDs are uncomplicated, some can result in secondary complications that can have a serious impact on vision. This article reviews the process of PVD, along with the associated secondary complications that can occur. | more

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CET – Specialist letter charts

1 August 2017

The three types of acuity tests discussed in this article are LogMAR charts, contrast sensitivity charts and charts for testing children’s eyesight. Also discussed is the best lighting and testing distances. | more

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CET – Posterior cortical atrophy

18 July 2017

Interactive or non-interactive points looking at the symptoms and visual impairments due to degeneration of the posterior regions of the cortex, as well as the current research being carried out to understand more about the condition. | more