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CET – Colour vision – Part 1: the meaning of colour

30 May 2018

Patients with colour vision deficiencies will expect their eye care practitioners to be able to provide advice on both the cause and impact of their conditions. This article explains the physical and physiological basis of normal colour vision as well the congenital and acquired colour vision deficiencies which can occur. | more

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CET – Complications of PVD

22 May 2018

With most patients experiencing a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) over the course of their life, it is something all optometrists are familiar with. Whilst the majority of PVDs are uncomplicated, some can result in secondary complications that can have a serious impact on vision. This article reviews the process of PVD, along with the associated secondary complications that can occur. | more

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Focus on retail – Leamington Spa

9 June 2018

What is it like to work in Warwick? Warwick and Leamington Spa are small towns which are known for their history and architecture. From the medieval Warwick Castle and 19th century bathhouse to the beautiful | more

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