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Landing your perfect job

27 June 2017

Landing the “perfect job” – your questions answered. ‘When it comes to that perfect role, everyone is different. For some it’s simple; it could be flexibility, not working weekends, or a really supportive and positive | Learn more


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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 5

28 April 2017

This article provides a research-based exploration of co-existing eye disease in diabetics, and what the eyecare practitioner needs to know in order to make appropriate decisions for patient management, advice and referral. | more

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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 4

11 April 2017

New medical treatments for diabetic macular oedema (DMO) - explaining the clinical features of DMO and treatment options – from laser to antiVEGF and intravitreal steroids, discussing NICE guidance on treatment and explaining the findings of clinical trials. | more


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Doubling capacity

13 June 2017

Official opening of new Specsavers manufacturing centre that will double in glazing and lens capacity. Specsavers founder Dame Mary Perkins officially opened Specsavers’ new Kidderminster manufacturing and distribution centre at Stourpoint Five on Friday 9 | Learn more

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DRP: Choroideremia

28 May 2017

Image of a rare inherited condition which, via progressive visual field loss and reduced visual acuity, ends in complete blindness. | more