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21 May 2018

Hip-hop superstar, entrepreneur and tech visionary has launched an exclusive eyewear collection for Specsavers, available in store from 23 May 2018. Building on his lifelong passion for striking eyewear, which was first inspired by | more

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Benefits boost for optometrists

14 May 2018

Joint venture partners at Specsavers have agreed a unique and wide-ranging benefits package for employed optometrists. Nimesh Popat, director of professional recruitment and retention, says: ‘One of the real strengths of Specsavers has always been | more

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CET – Colour vision – Part 1: the meaning of colour

22 May 2018

Patients with colour vision deficiencies will expect their eye care practitioners to be able to provide advice on both the cause and impact of their conditions. This article explains the physical and physiological basis of normal colour vision as well the congenital and acquired colour vision deficiencies which can occur. | more

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CET – Assessment and management of convergence insufficiency

20 April 2018

This 1 point interactive CET article from Specsavers provides a revision of convergence insufficiency, a common binocular vision problem. Current research on the effectiveness of practice or home-based treatments is examined in this article to enable the practitioner to decide on the most appropriate management for this condition. | more

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