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Neurocytoma symptoms spotted during eye test

24 July 2017

An optometrist in Torquay has been praised for saving a local man’s life saved after brain tumour symptoms were spotted during his eye examination. She says: 'before asking him through to the test room, it was clear that something was not right'. | more

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Trustworthy career choices

10 July 2017

Self-confessed people person Matthew Trusty FBDO is a retail partner with an incredible career trajectory - from working in store as a teen to being on the Specsavers leadership team as the partner voice for home-visiting services 19 years later. | more


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CET – Posterior cortical atrophy

18 July 2017

Interactive or non-interactive points looking at the symptoms and visual impairments due to degeneration of the posterior regions of the cortex, as well as the current research being carried out to understand more about the condition. | more

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CET – Diabetes and the eye part 5

28 April 2017

This article provides a research-based exploration of co-existing eye disease in diabetics, and what the eyecare practitioner needs to know in order to make appropriate decisions for patient management, advice and referral. | more


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Doubling capacity

13 June 2017

Official opening of new Specsavers manufacturing centre that will double in glazing and lens capacity. Specsavers founder Dame Mary Perkins officially opened Specsavers’ new Kidderminster manufacturing and distribution centre at Stourpoint Five on Friday 9 | Learn more