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Set to excel

16 September 2019

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MECS success in Surrey

13 September 2019

Specsavers’ Surrey Downs stores – Leatherhead, Banstead, Epsom and Dorking – have only had a minor eye conditions service (MECS) contract in place since November 2017, but they’ve already achieved some fantastic results. The stores’ | more

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11 therapeutic points at PAC include peer review

9 September 2019

Optometrists with therapeutic prescribing specialties can earn more CET points than ever before – across more competencies – at this year’s Professional Advancement Conference on 13 October. The following sessions and quizzes are accredited for | more

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Dispensing case study – Lens selection and the ‘jack-in-the-box’ effect

10 September 2019

A new 63-year-old retired male patient, wearing 22mm round-seg bifocal blended lenticular with multicoating, is aphakic (has no crystalline lens) due to congenital cataracts. He has never had sunglasses before but really wants them. States that he was not able to achieve clear vision at near with bifocals and experienced asthenopia (eye strain) despite the prescription being the same or very close to his current prescription. | more

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27-year-old optometrist becomes director

3 September 2019

The youngest ophthalmic director in the Yorkshire region, Jas Sandhu highlights why people should set their sights on a career in optometry.  One of Specsavers youngest ever directors, Jas Sandhu, started part-time, fresh out of | more

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